Inovcorp Group

We are a group of companies focused on providing services focused on technology, design, management and marketing, in a global way. Innovation and care for our long-term customer satisfaction are strong features of our work.

What Moves Us

We dream a lot, dream big, dream together, and best, we make dreams come true.
We are moved by people. They are the essence of our business and the secret to our success.
We believe in the potential of people and are always looking for new talents.

Our office

Our MIssion

To be a Group recognized for its innovation that gives companies and people technology, design, management and marketing tools that allow them to be more effective and efficient in your business and happier in your life.

The Echo within that impels us


We are made from the Colors of the Heart, true, warm and sincere, without effects or attributes, beyond the nature of which we are made. And in all that is done with the Colors of the Heart, and we apply it every day in the works we develop, the promises of glory and the beautiful tomorrow sprouting from your screen.

See further, so that tomorrow we can always project the applications of tomorrow