Tiago, willingly, like R2D2, whistling at every new ticket entry and laughing at this eminent danger with a WOW of yet another satisfied customer. He is one of Inovcorp's magicians between texts and drawings, makes the magic happen.

Do not for less, Space is the limit ... says this Rocketman.

Tiago Grilo, is Designer and Maintenance Technician and Customer Monitoring, having arrived at Inovcorp in a happy find, without doubt added value, having generated in his hands exceptional work for clients' satisfaction. Multifaceted, work's with design, content, animation at various projects.

Working on innovation is knowing that every day we learn something new and we grow as professionals and as people. It is knowing that we do not only have teammates but also friendly people who are always ready to help, both in and out of work

Tiago Grilo, Creative Designer & Customer Service