The Ruben. is for the schedule as Luky Luke is for the fast finger on the trigger.
Always im the front of the formation, keyboard in one hand and mouse in the other, of magic fingers, websites, bearings of endless lines of code, and where before it did not work, it was misaligned or the configuration was incorrect, now a new world pulsates, where the pixels, tags, colors, and scripts now live in harmony.

He's a veteran of the Games and watch out for him who knows what he's doing.

Rúben Carvalho, is Programmer at Design Binário, being specialized in Backoffices and Customized Clients Platforms. It translates into Project Excellence in all projects he develops with his great ability to create the WOW effect. It is one of the key pieces in customer contact by solving high responsibility issues with perfect performance.

Working at Inovcorp is to be surprised every day with new challenges and new tasks.
Not standing neither technically nor intellectually.

We also have a united and fun team that helps each other and has lots of fun. As the fun is not for all times and there are moments of seriousness, which we feel responsible but also with relaxed, knowing that there is always a colleague available to help.

Rúben Carvalho, Web Developer