Pedro, it's persistent. It has the resilience and vision of an hawk at Inovcorp Group, and insists and resists joining the pieces of this ever-growing giant puzzle. For him the mere "is ready" is not enough. Hhe knows what says, when it says, and shows why. With him, Inovcorp Customers are rested and know that they can always count on being always by their side.

Pedro, has a soft foot and a safe hand and his Fittipaldi's skills are legendary.

Pedro is the CCO, Chief Creative Officer. One of the founders of the Inovcorp Group, involved in several areas of the Group, brings the group to its experience in several areas where Design, directing the Design Department in Ativait, where the most beautiful layouts for customer satisfaction and gift come from. He is also responsible for the Department of Social Networks and Adwords Campaigns, through Sharebuzz Company.