Miguel, is a man with Midas touch, where everything he touches is pure code. In silence and focused on his goal, he is one of the horsemen of the apocalypse, armed to the teeth of endless lines of code, he delivers 200 tags at half a bit per second.
Fingers a thousand at a time what lightsabers, turning line after line on the wall that rises and shows us that everything is well and that is safe to walk, is one of the Walls that protects Customers and Colleagues from the bad.

Miguel's Dream, has an oriental fragance, what makes him a real moto Samurai.

Miguel Romão is one of the Inovcorp Group Crown Jewels. Programmer responsible for the Eletter System for sending Newsletters, Customized Customer Use Platforms and Inovcorp Group platforms within their companies. He is a perfectionist for Nature and Bugs is something he does not know.

Inovcorp provides a warm and professional work environment. Teams are always willing to help each other and to collaborate so that the common goal is achieved in their excellence. Constantly evolving and innovating, Inovcorp is an exceptional and united group with fantastic people.

It gives pleasure to collaborate with such a group!

Miguel Romão, Web Developer