The knowledge and calm of the Mister José that between absorbing it another swallow of a good breeze of rolled tobacco conceals mythical and precise strategies to raise of new souls for the light. She is definitely one of the Makers of the Force and she is with him.

He has already made trips and knows the world, but traveling is always the moment and he has ideas and plans for the next trip. Peace, Harmony and Foots on the Road.

José Luís, is Commercial at Inovcorp Group. It is the point of reference for Clients and Teams of the Group, being in the company since its inception, and being one of the pillars, with an experience of many years in the Technological area. He currently manages the Projects area in Design Binário, an Inovcorp Group company with a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

I embraced this project since the first day of 2005, which allowed me to attend, participate in its sustainable lack.

I believe in the orientation that we are given in the day to day by Nuno Conceição and Pedro Conceição, as such, It has made us grow at the level of Customers and knowledge.

This growth requires constant updating, so that we can continue on the road to sustainability.

José Luís, C​S​O | Chief ​Sales Officer