Filipe Martins, is patient and objective with a slight obsession with attention to detail. Filipe builds an application, like Death Star, as creating the perfect weapon for yet another happy customer. Their knowledge is legendary.

One of Filipe Martins dreams, happens to choose the Hashi, or will be hungry in lands of the Emperor.

Filipe Martins is one of the most recent acquisitions of Inovcorp Group, and has shown excellence in the work developed, with a success rate related to the satisfaction of projects whre has been involved around 100%. Some of this projects require not only a great degree of knowledge and fluidity in the development of work, but also the need for an innate responsibility to obtain conclusion and satisfaction.

Working at Inovcorp is working in an environment of True Team Spirit and Integration, where all people are always available to help each other.
It is challenging and motivating because it makes us open our horizons and at the same time evolve not only as professionals but also as people.

It is with much pleasure that I work at Inovcorp!

Filipe Martins, Web Developer