Filipe Lopes, better known by the silver handyman, shows his versatility at a glance, is a kind of Jedi Master, throwing himself forward of the Dark Force by placing himself between the monster and the Client, gives them protection. He is the Platforms worker and throws himself at a guitar like a true one from Lucia, scratched on the strings with one hand and typing on the keyboard with the other.

It is given to a good "flying" to be inspired, usually is at the bottom of the plane constantly accompanied by a hostess who keep you off the stick for the health of all ... England here i come!

Filipe Lopes, is one of the responsible for the development of Platforms of the Design Binary, Customers and Inovorp Group developemment. It Represents one of the most qualified and experienced Programmers in the group among many others.

Working at Inovcorp is to leave the comfort zone with comfort.
Every day we are challenged to identify our own barriers and surpass them autonomously, always having a team available to help us to do so.
It is to be surrounded by a team that does not blame or excuse us, but rather helps to deliver our best final product.

Filipe Lopes, Web Developer