Augusto is the service prestidigitator. When he emerges, keyboards, mice, appear and disappear inside the sleeves of his coat. With it we all feel safe, because go there to know that by magic until the computer comes back to work. If Bolt runs the 100 meters of 9 seconds, Augusto puts a text and image in less than 5 seconds, and is already thinking about the Olympics.

His dream passes through the land of Nemes and sands of scorching Egypt. You have a dream to go and give Tutanhamon a hug.

Augusto is Content Manager in the Development and Maintenance area. It also operates in the area of Google Analytics and Adwords.

Inovcorp is our second home and our colleagues are our other family.

It is thanks to the Inovcorp Group, and the means that it makes available, which allows the team to be always motivated, evolves to each project.

In Inovcorp, it is estimated the professional person and the human being.

Augusto Lopes, Content Manager.