Ana is Responsible for Inovcorp's Finance Department, and knows mathematics at 1000 a Hour is a Maga of the accounts and in the twinkling of an eye manages the entire Accounting Area with skill and singular Mastery, thus joining Inovcorp's visual area physical part that guarantees the accounts before the client. You have the dream of Visiting Japan, being your culture of choice.

At Inovcorp since its inception, it is one of the base and pillar elements in Inovcorp.

Ana Carvalho, Head of the Financial and Accounting Department, is one of the foundation stones of the Inovcorp Group.

Inovcorp values teamwork as much as possible, providing moments of conviviality, relaxation and joy.
The needs that employees have to carry out their duties are always taken first. The work environment is calm, but always with productivity at 90%.

The support given to customers, from feedbacks to clarification of follow-up doubts, is the company's priority

Ana Carvalho, Financial Manager