Rafaela undestands the lines and the colors, is like a Kandinsky of draw. If the Universe were recreated from scratch, Rafaela would be the main designer. From her hands come some of the most beautiful layouts to which our companions give life.

Rafaela knows a little about the World, but Wales is special. Her dream is making a Medieval Fair and has the theory that the tights were invented in the reign of D. Dinis.

Rafaela, is Designer and Team Leader, at Design Team. Being a recent acquisition by the Inovcorp Group, it is one of the great aquisitions, being a true design diva. Through her hands born's some of the most beautiful work developed in terms of layouts, and other miscellaneous works from divers areas of the group. It achieves an impressive 100% rate and exceed customer expectations.

Being part of Inovcorp has been an unparalleled experience.
It is a great pride to be able to do what I like best, along with excellent professionals, unforgettable people in that I fully trust.
It has been a continuous learning, where everyone works for the same purpose: the full satisfaction of our customers.
Inovcorp is a company that cares about giving the best conditions to the team. Look at each as a person and not just as an employee.
Finally, it's waking up every day to think about the new challenge without making a sacrifice! It is getting to the end of the day with the sense of accomplishment and that we have achieved the goals!

Rafaela Nogueira, Creative Designer