Lenildo "The Database" has at its head 1000 Tables of information with lines of code. They say that Google is linked to Lenildo's brain to run algorithms and download information. It has two of the fastest fingers in the West, the click of the Enter key and the finger to fix to confirm that another application is ready for the World.

PIzza and the Mediterranean seas have no secrets for our companion Lenildo. Lenildo's Dream is to have a Self-Sustainable Farm. The Return to Nature, remains to know who will program the website of this business... 

Lenildo Santos, is Senior Developer of the Inovcorp Group, one of the original Top Programmers and one of the most experienced, with exceptional capabilities and presence in the Group's main projects.

It is not only the question of work or the dream job, it is the creation of this perfect universe.

At Inovcorp there is the perfect universe, an extraordinary team, where we believe in what each one is able to accomplish and come to realize,
I'm flattered that I belong to the Inovcorp team.

Lenildo Santos, Senior Web Developer