André is a keyboard magician, who treats the keys for you.  He move's myriads of code lines, adjusting and configuring misalignment and configuration situations at the speed of Light in a Beep Me Up. Relentless Terminator of Chaos and Master Chart of Organization snaps its fingers and where once there was chaos, dark and cold from a website without life, a new world is born, where the pixels, tags, colors, and scripts now live in harmony.

Despite the proximity to the keys, his dream is to give a little escape to New World lands, driving one of his many convertibles of his Automobile Stands. It is question to say. Good trip and André walking distance.

André Santos, is a programmer of Design Binary, a very happy acquisition of the Group for this company, develops in PHP and other programming languages, creating happy endings, in Websites and CMS. It is Team Leader managing a set of motivated and methodical Programmers.