Why Sell Online?

Ecommerce (e-commerce) definitely came to stay. The numbers do not lie: according to market research firm e-Marketer, global online sales in 2016 already account for almost $ 2 trillion (8.7% of total retail sales), with growth forecast for the 4 billion by 2020 (14.6% of the total). This growth - with emphasis on the ever-growing m-commerce, commerce via mobile phone / smartphone applications - is proof that the future goes through online sales and applications such as Aniwair.

But this change in the consumer paradigm is not, by itself, the only reason to opt for online sales. We now highlight the advantages of ecommerce for your business:
  • Excellent relation cust-benefit: with an online store, you do not have to do any physical maintenance (electricity, cleaning, store employees, etc.). You just need an application like Aniwair and good professionals to support your business;
  • Available 24 Hours Store: unlike physical commerce, in e-commerce, your store is available 24 hours a day at no extra cost, which allows your customer to buy whenever you want and in the most convenient and practical way. In addition, it is a permanent exhibition of its products: it can put more details, images and show how it works;
  • Greater Customer Reach: Best way to reach more customers across the country (or even abroad) is with an online store, even in the case of large shopping malls with multiple physical stores. The great advantage is: do not force the customer to move, especially when away from a physical store;
  • Increased customer loyalty: being available 24 hours a day, allows your customer to count on you at any time, as well as being able to advertise your product directly at the customer's home and with much better features than a simple advertising brochure. The result is a much closer relationship that, in turn, translates into greater customer loyalty.


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